I’m a Graphic Designer based out of Fairhope, Alabama. I’m looking for a full time design job. I enjoy brand design, publication, and web design.

Skills and Programs

I’ve worked in depth on InDesign on publications and layout. The things I don’t know I feel confident I can learn quickly.

I’ve used Photoshop the longest of any design oriented application from digital painting to photo manipulation. I feel confident in both my current abilities and with being able to learn what I don’t yet know.

I’ve used Illustrator a lot going through the Graphic Design program. I feel confident in logo creation and making vector based illustrations. 

I’ve had the least amount of time using Xd compared to the rest of the Adobe apps but I quickly fell in love with it’s quick and easy ability to design web pages. I am excited to learn more about the program and how to transfer the design to reality.

Personal Interests


I have a large interest in learning other languages. I’ve studied Mandarin Chinese for several years and am looking to complete my minor in it. I’m also interested in learning other languages as well and have made some effort in learning Korean and Spanish. I believe that this can help my in my career but also being able to connect to others from around the world and from many different view points on subjects like design and how to approach it.


Culture goes hand in hand with my interest in language as part of the reason I learn different languages is to be able to connect with the cultures that speak it. I enjoy learning about traditions and how others do things, especially with how it’s different from how I was raised. I was born and raised in a small artists town in southern Alabama and it wasn’t until I was nearly an adult when I realized just how different other parts of the world was and I’ve been obsessed with learning things I didn’t have access to while growing up.


History is amazing, there is so much we can learn about the past and so much we can take inspiration from. Many of my projects have an element that is influenced on history. This could be tying in mythology in terms of name or visual design or taking real historical events and sites and remaking them in my own way as part of a design. I’m at my happiest when I can combine all three of language, culture, and history when designing something. From a restaurant with a Greek mythological feel or a Chinese tea company that exports specialized loose leaf tea from ancient estates in Fuzhou.

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